R&D, Manufacturing and Quality

Since 1888, Zade Global’s principle is to “never produce any product that we would not let our children eat.”

Zade Global is a leader in combining heritage with innovation. Zade Vital continually researches and studies in partnership with top universities, physicians, pharmacists and medical experts to provide value to health and society.

Zade Global works for healthier and happier living based on R&D, innovation and quality.

All Zade Vital products are made with plants that are grown and harvested under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), developed with leading research universities, and produced under International Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. Combining raw nature with its innovative R&D and cold-pressing practices, Zade Vital produces and packages medical-grade, 100% pure and natural products with the seal of approval from the Ministry of Health. All Zade Vital products are developed in collaboration with Ege University Center for Drug R&D and Pharmacokinetic Applications, and their quality is tested by ARGEFAR.

Zade Edible Oil Refinery Facilities is the first and only in Turkey to receive 18 different quality management systems and certifications.