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Zade Vital, The Natural Power of Seeds

Zade Vital Series of Natural Nutritional Supplements is a healthy living brand that emerges from the Anatolian soil and take strength from healthy plants and fruits of the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

University and industry cooperation, scientific group of 200 scientists and strong R&D and P&D infrastructure of Zade Global form the basis of Zade Vital products developed as a result of a nine-year R&D process.

Zade Vital has combined the plants, fruits and seeds used for healing and beauty for thousands of years with R&D, and offered the world’s richest Cold Press product range with the Vital Oils category. Manufacturing plants, fruits and seeds without any heat treatment or chemical process, Zade Vital produces the plants which grow in only certain geographical regions under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards with its wide range of products and offers them in pharmaceutical form.

Zade Vital also delivers these products all over the world in innovative forms such as Concept series that have not been done before.

With Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical categories, 116 different product types and 404 different product forms, it supports to feel better in every period of life from childhood, to slow down aging effects, to protect from diseases, to gain power and energy, to protect health and beauty of skin and to get older healthfully. Zade Vital aims to reduce the treatment costs as well as help to increase the health status.

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