Social Responsibility

The side products developed during the refining process carried out in Zade Facilities are transformed into high value added products by stop being waste as a result of R&D studies conducted in cooperation with universities and research institutes.

As a result of these studies performed with the environmental awareness, the products used especially in the feed and chemical industry imported from abroad and the side products evaluated in these studies started to be domestically produced, thus outflow of foreign currency was prevented, payment costs of Turkish companies were reduced and also productivity was increased especially in the feed industry.

Feed Industry
Vegetable Industry Oil

Cement Industry
Bleaching Soil (Fuel Oil), Active Bentonite (Isolation), Winterized Soil (Fat Perlite)

Bakery Products Industry
Cornflakes additives with vitamins, diet bars and cracker, ground seeds for fibrous bread flour mixtures, diabetic products

Chemical and Cosmetic Industry
Battery Water, Purified Industrial Water, Purified Food Production Water, Diabetics, Fatty Acid Oil, Cleaning Products with Stain Remover, Stearine (Perlite), Iron Water, Vitamin and Mineral Complex, Wax

There are approximately 40 associations and foundations supported by Zade Global.

Dr. Mevlüt Büyükhelvacıgil’s academic studies on family corporations and their future have the aim of contribution to the future of family corporations all around the world.