Manufacturing Facilities

Zade Global provides institutions with a wide range of services through R&D centers, Zade Vegetable Oil Refining and Cold Press Production Facilities equipped with high technology and Zade Vital Drug Manufacturing Facilities under GMP standards.

Zade Global carries on business with the full service understanding on every issues needed, with state-of-the-art R&D devices, laboratories where current analysis can be performed, and high production capacity.

With “Excellent Service Model”, Zade Global provides a valuable cooperation partnership to the institutions which want to develop and produce innovative products and R&D studies are at the center of this cooperation partnership.

Responding quickly to requests thanks to its well-equipped R&D team of scientists, Zade Global offers high quality at optimum cost.

  • Product Development R&D Studies
  • Laboratory and Pilot Production
  • Quality Control Testing
  • Stability Tests Production
  • Primary and Secondary Packaging
  • Regional Medical, Registration, Marketing and Distribution Services in the field of Health