Our Heritage

Zade Global is a family company, with third and fourth generation family members in management today. Family companies comprise about 90% of the world’s economy, and usually face the risk of dissolution after one or two generations. Typically, only 3% of family businesses reach to the fourth generation and remain strong. Helvacizade is in that 3%, celebrating 135 years.

The deep history and strong foundation for Zade Global began with the production of halva, a traditional dessert and candy in 1888. Halva was consumed as a source of energy and performance, as well as taste. Historical records of Zade Global indicate that sesame oil used in the production of halva was also used for healing in wounds and burns in those earlier years. Zade Global also brought the production of halva and candy to other traditional treats, such as Turkish Delight and jam.

In the early 1980s, new generations of the family dedicated themselves to the business and to ensuring development of the healthiest and highest-quality products. At the time, Zade Global specialized in the field of food and strategically focused on edible oil production, as vegetable oils were the most consumed at home. In 1989, the brand “Zade” manufactured in Zade Cooking Vegetable Oil Facilities, bringing the world’s cutting-edge technology and 100% natural edible oils the consumers.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Zade Global, which has always been committed to the highest quality products, further established its culture of quality combined with innovative R&D activities, which is what differentiates itself from other companies today.

The 2000s have been a strategic milestone for Zade Global, as it continues to expand globally and remain at the forefront of R&D studies in the field of health and wellness.

Today, Zade Global, as a leading producer of functional food, nutrition and pharmaceutical products, symbolizes respect and love for its Turkish and family heritage.