Edible Oils and Super Food

Zade Edible Oils

Zade products produced as high-tech, high quality and long life edible vegetable oil by Zade Global for the first time in 1991 have been bringing taste, quality and health to the table around world for 27 years.

Zade edible vegetable oils include especially sunflower seed oil, hazelnut oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil, soya bean oil, peanut oil, herbal mixture oils.

Olive oil, basic oil in Mediterranean-type diet considered as the most healthy way of dietary habit all over the world, is an important nutritional source for children and adolescents due to essential fatty acid in it. Olive oil is a miraculous product that helps in cell renewal and delays aging effects due to antioxidant effects. Olive oil has a special importance among Zade product groups and Zade makes a difference with olive oil products specially-produced from olive’s hometown “Aegean region”.

Among Zade’s precious olive oils products, Zade Organic and Natural groups are in great demand all over the world. As a result of R&D studies carried out by Zade Global, extra virgin olive oil has been formulated in 16 different forms appealing to different taste buds. Products include organic extra virgin olive oil, innovative products such as thyme flavored extra virgin olive oil and rosemary flavored extra virgin olive oil. Flavored olive oils appealing to different taste buds in every corner of the world are used in cold starters such as salads, sauces and appetizers as well as marinated products, seafood, white and red meats from different cuisines around the world.

Zade edible oils
Product Details

Olive Oil Range

Zade offers olive oil products in 35 different forms from 4 different categories including organic extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, Riviera olive oil and refined olive oil.

Zade Organic Range

Organic extra virgin olive oil is presented in gift packaging.

Zade Flavored Extra Virgin Oil Range

With 14 different flavored extra virgin olive oil products, it is bringing a unique taste to the dishes all around the world.

Edible Vegetable Oil Series

Each of nine different products is offered in 13 different forms.

All Products are manufactured with independent of human error in Zade Vegetable Oil Refining Facilities, with 18 different quality-system certificates. The production process of Zade pure vegetable refined oils goes through seven basic phases in which raw materials are completely decontaminated. In vegetable oil facilities, each of these phases is carried out in units that are automatically monitored and adjusted by PLC automation systems in terms of temperature, pressure and level control values in the main control center, which has the world’s most advanced technology and provides the most advanced purification level. And therefore, they are long life and pure.

Approximately 400 analyzes are daily performed on samples taken from 17 different units of the facilities.

Horeca Category

They are products specially prepared by Zade for kitchen professionals. Zade Catering products specially-formulated for use in the catering industry for dessert production and deep frying, are resistant to high frying temperatures and designed to be suitable for continuous and repeated use without burning or smokes during use. The frying oil, which has high stability and long storage possibility, has a special structure which shows high performance in repeated use and provides the intended texturing properties such as color and crispness at the highest level in the products used and also is not absorbed by the end product.

Professional kitchens around the world prefer Zade products thanks to its frying and catering products which provide longer term use and protect their performance even with 10 times frying.

Zade Super Food

The revolution of the fruit is on with Zade Super Food Bars and Vitamin Waters

A new, irresistible, tasty, easy to carry, and fun way to enjoy fruits and benefit from various ingredients plus multivitamins.

If you are looking for an irresistible healthy snack that is made from just real fruit, nuts, and seeds, and designed for maximum convenience with strong nutritional value, and multivitamins you are at the right spot with different alternatives.

The new innovative Zade Bar series products offer a unique taste with raw mixture recipes.

Zade Bar series offer a quick, delicious, irresistible snack out of fruits, to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Chlosterol Free
  • No Sugar Added
  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • No Preservatives
  • No Coloring

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