Employees and New Generations

One of the key shareholders of Zade Global is the employees. The motivation, job satisfaction, performance, personal and technical development of our employees, as well as providing a peaceful work environment are important for the company’s progression.

“Understanding Generation X, Y, Z in order to Prevent Generation Conflicts in Family Companies”

Generation gap and intergenerational communication are at the forefront of the most important issues that will affect the future of family businesses today. Each generation has its own priorities, anticipations, beliefs and when taking also into account their own experiences that shape their way of working in addition, personalities become more apparent. But, these differences do not limited to this. As new generations, which came together in time and were the reason of being especially in well-established family companies, join us with their distinctive mentality and behavioral code differences, family ties that need to provide strength to the establishment can become a primary problem. In the Helvacızade Group, where three different generations and mixed generations work together, understanding generations and differences is the primary issue of working. The managers and leaders who understand, monitor and observe the characteristics of the new generations will increase the performance of the new generations thanks to mutual communication and will improve positively their productivity and thus contribute to the company’s success and to maintain its corporate sustainability. Happiness, success and profit will increase when shared. Leaders’ part is to develop training and new strategies. In business life, innovative perspectives and analytical intelligence of these generations can contribute to the company’s new goals. This situation reflects as progress and developments of both companies and individuals in business life. Providing the bond and balance between the new generation thanks to backgrounds of experienced people and the rearrangement of the working conditions based the status of the persons will make a big difference and bring success. As Helvacızade Group CEO, Dr. Mevlüt Büyükhelvacıgil is carrying his studies on generations and preparing the book about the issue for publication, with the thought that intergenerational relations are of vital importance for the future of family companies.