As a principle investment-focused firm Helvacizade established an oil plant on 24000 m2 open and 6000 m2 closed area, which was established in November 1989 and completed on October 25, 1991. The oil factory started production with a capacity of 20000 tons per year.

Zade Sunflower Oil facilities have been supported by well-known experts and consulting firms from technology selection to application stage. It uses the world’s most advanced technology, providing the most advanced purification level. All of the production steps are carried out via computer system with PLC automation systems free from human error.

Production stages include the processes of degumming (removal of gum), dewaxing (removal of wax), neutralization (removal of free fatty oil), bleaching (whitening), winterization (crystallization), and deodorization (removal of odor). All stages have high purification level thanks to superior technology. For this reason, the production result in pure and long-lasting oil. Because these processes are carried out in accordance with computer automation systems, no trans fats occur in the vegetable oils.

There are additional units in the plant, except for oil production systems. The soft steam required for the steam and heat exchange system is produced. Raw water in a reverse osmosis water plant is softened by passing through a sand filter and two ion exchangers. Some of this water is used to produce steam, and some of it is sent to the Refinery system. The water produced by the reverse osmosis water plant is fit for drinking.

Thanks to the high technology of the plant, the foreign fatty acids obtained in the production phase are processed with an extra facility developed by university and industry business associations and they are industrialized as raw material for chemistry, cosmetics and feed industry.